For the launch of our new OAS collection we asked our shop staff (a brilliantly artistic team) to tell us a little about how they wear their own OAS pieces...

Alessandra Taccia, TOAST Cambridge Supervisor (Assistant Manager)

What do you do outside of Toast? I'm a painter/artist and maker, recently focusing more on painting. My subjects tend to be still life everyday unpretentious objects. For me there is beauty in the mundane and the menial. My paintings are developed through several layers before reaching their final state, yet they look very simple; they reflect the way I intend to build up a state of quietude that I long for in my life and work.

How do you wear your OAS pieces? I wear them all year round, layering in winter, adding accessories in the warmer months, like a bandana or a necklace.

Anna Houser, TOAST Bath Part time Supervisor

What do you do outside of TOAST? I'm a trained knitted textile designer, frequently working on collaborative styling projects. Owner of Anna Houser Knit Repair and Renew, where I both design and make knitted accessories and repair and renew people's beloved knitted items. I use a combination of re-knitting, darning and wool embroidery.

How do you wear your OAS pieces? As you can imagine, I have a vast knitwear collection, so my OAS Dungarees and apron dress in indigo denim work as the ideal bases for all of my knitted items. I often layer with a fitted layering tee, Shetland jumper and a chunky knitted cardigan or a neat jacket with the sleeves rolled up and a scarf wrapped around me for extra comfort and warmth. Pockets are a must have for me along with fabric that is durable and that softens with age.

Paula Ellis, TOAST Marylebone Manager

What do you do outside of TOAST? I am a florist. This passion for flowers first came about during my childhood in Lincolnshire. I had my own little patch of garden on the riverbank and could often be found digging away or collecting caterpillars many years on this love for growing things remains and I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most inspiring and skilled people in the industry. I have spent time in Cornwall with the fantastic Susanne of the blue carrot', and have been lucky enough to assist florists such as Vervain, Palais and Firenza Flowers. Working with these individuals has inspired me to start my own company, Fox and Thorn', where I create flowers for weddings and events. I feel very priviledged to be able to continue working with nature.

How do you wear your OAS pieces? My usual floristry attire of choice is either an OAS workwear or apron dress which I wear with a tencel wool layering top or a khadi shirt, finished off with my favourite Cheaney boots. In floristry you need relaxed shapes that allow movement which these styles offer plus they have the added benefit of deep pockets which always come in handy for snips, wire or tape.

Camille Robineau, TOAST Bath Sales Advisor

What do you do outside of Toast? I have recently moved to Bristol where I am joining a studio to continue developing my art work. My work is driven by the process of making often exploring the use of colour, space, surface, transformation and time by experimenting with found and natural materials to produce sculptures, films, prints and paintings.

How do you wear your OAS pieces? I often wear my OAS pieces in the studio as they are so comfortable and hardwearing. I like to layer soft cotton tops under my dungarees.

Scarlett Stewart, TOAST Harrogate Manager

What do you do outside of TOAST? At the moment I am collaborating with my sister on a costume design project for a film she is making as part of her experimental animation course at the Royal College Of Art. Being involved with creative design is where I feel most at home, and fashion has always been a massive part of my life. Outside of work I have many artistic interests, working with different mediums including print design, upholstery, crafts and shoe design.

How do you wear your OAS pieces? For working in the studio OAS provides a great range of well made, practical and stylish designs, allowing me to feel confident and creative. For me the Denim Shirt Dress wears particularly well, and is comfortable, I like to wear it with the Breton Stripe Tee beneath.

Jane Cross, TOAST Brighton Part-time Assistant

What do you do outside of TOAST? I originally had a career in law but the housing crash resulted in my redundancy and provided me with an opportunity to embark upon a complete change of direction. I undertook a Jewellery and Silversmithing degree and took on a role at TOAST in Brighton. My degree was completed 2 years ago, and since then I have been designing and making my own jewellery. My work often includes enamel and is experimental and contemporary.

How do you wear your OAS pieces? My practice requires me to wear clothes that are strong and durable. My clothes need to be practical, relaxed and lived in with an emphasis on a natural look. Freedom of movement and comfort are necessary as I can spend hours in front of a kiln, preparing enamel, or sitting at my workbench.

Angela Edward, TOAST Oxford Sales Advisor

What do you do outside of Toast? I love learning so as well as developing new skills to further my artistic practice I am studying the history of textiles at the Victoria and Albert Museum and hope to start a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design later this year. As an artist I love exploring the properties of different media and learning new techniques to make things. My main hobby is archaeology and I love participating in community archaeology projects.

How do you wear your OAS pieces? They are really understated and easy to wear so I keep accessories to a minimum and just let the clothes speak for themselves. I tend to team them with a plain TOAST T-shirt and shirt worn as a jacket. They look great with chunky comfortable shoes. I love the OAS range for its simplicity and flattering clean lines and the fabrics are easy to care for!

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