Calligraphy Set

AUD 80.00
Size: One Size

Calligraphy is a moving meditation, and is a mindful art form steeped in ritual, rhythm and repetition. The practice of calligraphy can broaden self-awareness, with a performative flow and purpose to each stroke. The term calligraphy itself derives from the Greek words for “beauty” and “to write”. Our Calligraphy set comes with a water-based Japanese ink that has been traditionally made in Kyoto, a handmade bamboo calligraphy brush and 8 sheets of recycled cotton rag paper, made by hand by artisans in India.


Recycled cotton paper, water based ink, bamboo and wesel hair calligraphy brush.
8 x paper sheets, ink 40ml, brush 200 x 7.5mm.

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