Cari Cari Ikat Hand Woven Placemat

AUD 41.00
Size: One Size

Cari Cari placemat crafted from hand-dyed and handwoven ikat made by artisans in Waraniéné, a village in northern Ivory Coast. They work in collaboration with Five|Six, which is committed to preserving traditional strip-weaving techniques.

The locally grown cotton yarns are carefully bound and hand-dyed to create the pattern, then handwoven on an upright double-heddle loom to create a soft fabric. Constructed from selvedge fabric strips joined together with zigzag stitching, then finished with fringing.

As the cotton is hand-dyed and dried in the sun, there can be natural variations in colour from the example pictured, making each unique.


Hand wash. 100% cotton.
Made in Cote d'Ivoire.
43 x 33cm.
An age-old and complex technique of patterning cloth, whereby the pattern is pre-determined by tie-dyeing the yarn prior to weaving. The characteristic haziness of the pattern that emerges is a pleasing result of this hand process.
There may be some colour rub, so please keep away from light coloured fabrics and upholstery.

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The Art of Community Weaving with Five|Six Textiles

“It looks like the recordings of a seismograph,” says Emma Wingfield, describing the emergence of pattern when ikat-dyed yarn is woven into fabric. Emma is one part of Five|Six Textiles, a collaborative venture with master weavers in the artisanal village of Waraniéné in Ivory Coast. Though not exclusively ikat, many of Five|Six’s textiles are made from this distinctive cloth by virtue of the Dyula community who make them – (the Dyula, a Mandé word meaning “merchant”, are artisanal traders who, traditionally, specialise in ikat).

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