Corrie Williamson Mobiles

Corrie Williamson creates contemporary, sculptural mobiles from her East London studio. Using traditional metal and wood working techniques, each is unique in colour and form.

Corrie Williamson Curve Mobile Set

AUD 315.00
Brass/Blackened Oak
Size: One Size

A pair of hanging mobiles with blackened oak shapes and curved brass pieces. To be hung at staggered heights, with adjustable cords. Made by hand by Corrie Williamson from her garden studio in East London, using traditional metal and wood working techniques. Corrie sources her offcuts of wood from furniture amd instrument makers around the country, allowing the salvaged pieces to inform the shapes and natural colours of her mobiles - making each unique. A silk cord for hanging, that can be cut to the right length.

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Brass and Wood.
Made in United Kingdom.
250mm x 200mm (+extra for hanging cord).
This item was made entirely by hand. Being handmade, no two will be the same. There will be small, pleasing imperfections and irregularities in each piece.

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