Edmund Davies Ceramics

With a background in architecture, the designs of Edmund Davies take inspiration from modernist forms and utilitarian shapes, whilst paying homage to the artistic values of 20th century studio pottery. Davies is based in a studio in Bow, East London, and experiments with mark-making and hand painted oxide finishes.

Edmund Davies Fruit Bowl

AUD 145.00
Grey/Off Black
Size: One Size

Hand thrown stoneware, with a painterly oxide and glaze finish. Medium sized and dished - for the table, for serving or as you will. Made in London by Edmund Davies. Davies utilises a combination of hand-building processes and wheel thrown techniques to create each one-off piece. Unglazed fingertip markings from the glazing process are evident in each final piece.


Hand wash. Stoneware.
Made in the United Kingdom.
Approx D 27cm x H 6.5cm.

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