Emily Nixon Jewellery

Emily Nixon creates sculptural jewellery using the traditional lost-wax casting process. She lives and works in Cornwall and uses pebbles and seaweed, collected from the Penzance tide line, as her tools. Each piece organically twists and folds, capturing the raw texture of the ragged sea landscapes.

Emily Nixon Sapphire Seaweed Necklace

AUD 610.00
Size: One Size

The pendant suspended from Emily Nixon’s necklace is crafted by hand in her Cornwall studio to an organic, irregular form inspired by seaweed. Shaped from sterling silver to a seemingly fluid, sculptural shape, then set with a round-cut sapphire sourced responsibly from Sri Lanka.


100% recycled 925 sterling silver.
Made in the United Kingdom.
Pendant 16.5mm x 15.6mm. Chain length 480mm 3.25mm Sapphire.

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