Essence + Alchemy

Essence + Alchemy bring together traditional aromatherapy and ancient alchemy to create botanically scented salts, scrubs and scents for ritual and relaxation. Their small batches are made in a garden workshop in Sheffield.

Essence and Alchemy Azoth Calming Aroma Mist

AUD 55.00
Size: One Size

A calming mist with organic lavender and marjoram essential oils. To spray into the air. Made in small batches in a garden workshop in Sheffield and bottled in an amber glass apothecary jar. Essence + Alchemy draw on both science and nature to create botanically scented scrubs, salts and scents, balancing traditional aromatherapy with ancient alchemy.


100% natural ingredients: Floral water* and essential oils lavender*, sweet marjoram*, naturally occurring Limonene and Linanlool. *Organic.
Suitable for Vegans.
Made in the United Kingdom.

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