Furoshiki Block Print Wrapping Cloths

AUD 33.00
Size: One Size

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese square wrapping cloth, tied and neatly knotted to transport food, clothes or gifts. The custom of wrapping objects first began in Japan during the Edo Period, and are a more sustainable way of wrapping lunch boxes, books and presents. Our cotton wrapping cloths have been hand block printed by artisans in Jaipur. Each wooden block is skilfully hand carved then carefully lined up by eye upon the fabric. Packaged in a reusable envelope with tying instructions.


Machine wash. 100% cotton.
Made in India.
Large cloth 60 x 60cm. Small cloth 40 x 40cm.
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Block Printing

Block printing is a centuries-old craft. Though it might be the simplest and slowest of all textile printing methods, it yields some of the most beautiful results.

The technique demands precision and patience: each block is skilfully hand carved then carefully, laboriously, lined up by eye upon the fabric. It is these human processes that result, inevitably, in slight irregularities. A machine-printed fabric might, by contrast, be perfectly executed, yet it is somehow always a little flat, lacking the inherent liveliness of a hand printed piece.

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