Grace Alexander Seeds

Seedmonger Grace Alexander grows and collects seeds from her cottage garden in Somerset. Her unique curations of easy-to-sow seeds for TOAST are guided by a wabi-sabi philosophy, whilst encouraging local pollinators to visit our gardens and window boxes.

Grace Alexander Grass Seeds

AUD 16.00
Size: One Size

A collection of cut grass seeds by Grace Alexander, curated for TOAST. Grass seeds can be planted and grown for movement and texture in the garden, with delicate seed heads in contrasting forms. Each pack contains common bent (agrostis capillaries), fine quaking grass (briza media) & rabbit tails (lagurus ovatus). Compostable and recyclable, and sourced from sustainable forests and gardens. The seeds come neatly packaged in cotton rag Khadi - a sustainable paper that has been made from recycled t-shirts. Read more about Grace Alexander.


The common bent and quaking grass are best sowed in February and March, and the rabbit tails in March and April.
16 x 11.5cm.
Made in the UK.

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