Grace Alexander Seeds

Seedmonger Grace Alexander grows and collects seeds from her cottage garden in Somerset. Her unique curations of easy-to-sow seeds for TOAST are guided by a wabi-sabi philosophy, whilst encouraging local pollinators to visit our gardens and window boxes.

Grace Alexander Natural Dyers Seeds

AUD 17.00
Natural Dye
Size: One Size

A seed collection of flowers and plants that yield wonderful colours for natural dyeing from their leaves and petals. Curated for TOAST. Including Dyer's Rocket, a sharp yellow dye that gives colour generously. Black Pincushion that gives shades of blues and purples on silk, and faded greys on cotton. And easy-to-grow French Marigold, where the petals can be used to produce golds and oranges. Read more about Grace Alexander.


Approx seeds qtys: reseda x 200, scabiosa black knight x 25, tagetes disco mixed x 20.
Woad, black knight scabbious, cosmos orange.
Made in the UK.

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