Terracotta Pots

Hand thrown and wood-fired terracotta pots made by a small group of artisans in Rajasthan, India.

Indu Terracotta Planter Set

AUD 85.00
Size: One Size

This season, we have worked with a small group of artisans in Rajasthan to create our Indu Terracotta Planters. Each pot is thrown by hand into a beautiful and curvaceous shape, before being left to dry and finally baked in a wood-fired kiln. The resulting form is rustic and porous, with its simplicity and earthy colour giving warmth to the home. Each set comes in a pair, and we advise lining your planters before using.


Made in India.
Small D 12 cm x H 14 cm. Large D 14 cm x H 16 cm.

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