Kingsley Walters Studio Medicine Pouch Bag

AUD 290.00 AUD 195.00
Size: One Size

Medicine pouch bag hand-cut and stitched using beeswax-coated thread by Kingsley Walters in London. His pieces draw on his free-spirited childhood in Jamaica and make use of traditional British handcrafting techniques. Crafted from leather which is vegetable-tanned in Northamptonshire to a simple pouch shape with a drawstring top, then suspended from an adjustable cross-body strap.

Vegetable-tanned leather. Adjustable cross-body strap. Embossed logo. Drawstring top.


Vegetable tanned leather, rolled leather strap.
Made in the United Kingdom.
23cm x 26cm.
There may be some colour rub, so please keep away from light coloured fabrics and upholstery.

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Kingsley Walters | Time to Make

Above Holborn Viaduct in central London is an old office building, now an open-plan studio space for creatives including Kingsley Walters, a leather worker and canvas bag maker. Rolls of leather await his expert hands and an array of finished bags occupy the walls and shelving, while a loop-stitched denim banner created by a friend hangs from a trestle table. “I want my friends and people of my generation to wear my stuff,” he says. This is the reason why he tries to keep the prices of his pieces as low as possible. “Everyone is still becoming,” he says of his friends, “so they won’t spend a grand on a bag!” 

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Leather Care Guide

At TOAST, many of our shoes and accessories are made from natural leather. Each different type of leather has subtle variations in colour and texture, and many have been tanned using vegetable dyes – a more environmentally friendly process of tanning that is recyclable.

Leather is durable and hardwearing, and over time it develops a beautiful patina that darkens gradually.

Looking after your leather

Before exposure to moisture, you can apply a leather/suede protector to your shoes or boots (we recommend Scotchgard) to prevent rain marking the leather. However, many scuffs and marks can be renovated by polishing with the correct products - your footwear will look all the better for it.

Many of our shoes and boots are made with leather soles which provide a beautiful finish but may be a little slippery until they are well worn in. Do take extra care when walking, especially on stairs. Leather soles are a natural product and are porous in wet conditions. Leave wet shoes to dry naturally, never by artificial heat. The addition of a rubber sole and heel pieces by a cobbler will help extend the life of your leather soles and will provide extra protection.

When you’re not wearing your shoes or boots, fill them with tissue or newspaper to help keep their shape.

How to clean polished & matt leather

You can clean your polished leather with a neutral cream polish or a correctly matched traditional coloured polish. We recommend Kiwi shoe polish which comes in a range of colours. Apply with a soft brush and polish off with a different soft brush. A final shine can be given by buffing with a soft cloth.

Be sure to never use a polish on matt leather because you will make it shiny. Instead, we recommend using a saddle soap to clean your matt leather footwear. A good saddle soap is Belvoir Glycerine.

First, clean the footwear with a damp sponge to remove any dirt and allow to dry. When dry, take a very slightly damp sponge and rub it on the saddle soap to get a covering of very slightly soapy residue that you can then apply (if your sponge is too wet, the soap will get very foamy and the final effect will not be so good).

Always leave your leather to dry naturally.

A natural leather wax can be used on accessories to treat the leather and give it a burnished shine.