Lucia Ocejo Bud Vase

AUD 75.00
Size: One Size

Small bud vase hand-thrown by London-based potter Lucia Ocejo with a rounded, seed-like form and slender neck, flaring outwards at the rim. Glazed interior and top, with a raw base and warm tones that remind Lucia of her home country of Mexico. Each varies slightly in shape.


Hand wash. Stoneware.
Made in the United Kingdom.
Approx. H 12 x D 6.5cm.

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Making an Imprint with Sculptor turned Ceramicist Lucia Ocejo

Lucia Ocejo is describing a transformative moment, when she held a Korean chawan, or tea bowl. It was some 300 years old, with uneven lines to its shape and indents from the potter’s fingers, which she covered with her own. “I felt a connection to the maker,” she says, "and, ever since then, I’ve thought of the work I do with more tactility, sometimes leaving the marks of how I made it, too.”

Lucia has just finished a mug from a collection for TOAST, with a warm pinkish-white glaze she calls ‘pearl’. When she dunked these mugs into the glaze, she held it between her fingers, leaving an absence of glaze in their place and making imprints – a reminder of where each one originated, just like on the chawan. “Maybe someone will do that with my work 300 years from now,” she says, with a smile.

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