Lucy Rutter Small Bottle Vase

AUD 75.00
Size: One Size

Hand thrown and hand glazed stoneware. Small and curvaceous with a rounded opening at the top. Ceramicist Lucy Rutter creates pared-back, functional pieces for the home from her studio in Faversham, Kent. After training at Morley College in London, Lucy then went on to refine her craft at the prestigious Leach Pottery in St Ives. Each of her hand thrown stoneware pieces are glazed in a palette that has been inspired by the Kent Marshes. Being hand thrown, there are pleasing variations and irregularities to each. Each unique piece by Lucy Rutter can sit alongside her other pieces to form a collection.


Hand wash. Stoneware.
Made in the UK.
Approx. H 11cm x D 6.4cm.
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A Walk in the Marshes | Lucy Rutter Pottery

There is a stillness and simplicity to Lucy Rutter's hand-thrown ceramics. Dipped in pale, faintly luminous glazes through which gritty specks of clay can still be seen, each piece is unequivocally functional. And yet perched on a table or draining board the taut, tapering lines and arched handles of her vessels look alert, as though the clay still holds some of the energy that went into its making.

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