Nicola Gillis Pottery

Brighton-based potter Nicola Gillis creates simple stoneware for everyday use from her garden studio. The pieces are hand-thrown or hand-moulded, then patterned with painterly oxide wash marks which sweep across the surface, reflecting her interest in wild, natural elements.

Nicola Gillis Small Folly Bowl

AUD 90.00
Dolomite/Black Iron
Size: One Size

Speckled stoneware small bowl hand-moulded by Brighton-based potter Nicola Gillis in her garden studio. Patterned with a bold oxide wash pattern and dipped in a white matte glaze. For olives or chocolates. Each varies slightly in shape, pattern and colour.


Hand wash. Stoneware.
Made in the United Kingdom.
Approx. D 11.5 x H 7cm.

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In the Studio with Ceramicist Nicola Gillis

Ceramicist Nicola Gillis struggles to part with some of the pieces she makes. Occasionally, a beaker, mug, plate or bowl evokes an indefinable feeling that makes the item hard to part with. It might be something about the openness of the form, the way it nestles snugly in the palms, a particular undulation in the glaze or the position of a dimple. “What I want,” explains Nicola, “is for every piece to make me feel like this.”

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