Semibreve Block Print Pocket Book

AUD 26.00 AUD 17.00
Size: One Size

Pocket sized notebook, for doodles and thoughts. Hand block printed cover, made by artisans in Jaipur using hand carved wooden blocks. Contrast coloured inner cover and neat elastic closure. Each wooden block requires great skill and accuracy to carve, and each individual artisan will apply a slightly different pressure when printing, resulting in differing depths of colour and natural variations.


Handmade recycled cotton paper.
Made in India.
10.5cm x 15cm.
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Block Printing

Block printing is a centuries-old craft. Though it might be the simplest and slowest of all textile printing methods, it yields some of the most beautiful results.

The technique demands precision and patience: each block is skilfully hand carved then carefully, laboriously, lined up by eye upon the fabric. It is these human processes that result, inevitably, in slight irregularities. A machine-printed fabric might, by contrast, be perfectly executed, yet it is somehow always a little flat, lacking the inherent liveliness of a hand printed piece.

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