Velvet Chair Cushion

AUD 115.00
Size: One Size

Comfortable chair cushion with a soft cotton velvet front and natural, undyed linen back. Filled with comfortable cotton wadding and finished with hand-knotted quilting. For dining chairs or as you will.


Dry clean only. Back: 100% linen. Front: 100% cotton velvet. Wadding: 100% mixed fibres.
Made in India.
40 x 40cm.

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A Brief History of Velvet

Once reserved for royalty, velvet has been wholly embraced since the Industrial Revolution made it more widely available. Calling to mind 1970s bohemia, the plush material continues to evolve with modern needs, recognised for its durability and luxurious finish across fashion and homewares.

To create the signature short pile, a special loom closely weaves together two layers of fabric which are then cut apart. The distinctive sheen is due to the density of the yarns and their even distribution. While silk thread is the traditional choice, alternative fibres determine the price and feel of the finished velvet.

Evidence suggests that ancient Egyptians used processes that mirror velvet manufacturing, indicating that this fabric (or one similar) has been around since 2000 BC. As the centuries marched on and Europeans tapped into the lustrous appearance of velvet, it was traded along the Silk Route and fast became associated with wealth and prosperity.

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