Wonki Ware Tableware

Strong yet light tableware, in a natural and subtle palette. Made from locally dug, raw South African clay, with a hand painted slip border – each with pleasing variations and irregularities. Based in the small town of George in South Africa, Wonki Ware have worked with over 100 local South Africans, and provided them with skilled training in pottery. Made exclusively for TOAST.

Wonki Ware Oven Dish

AUD 175.00
Size: One Size

Oven dish made from hand-pressed terracotta clay, with a glazed interior and raw unglazed outer. Can be used at any oven temperature but not put on the hot plate.

Each strong yet light piece is made from locally dug clay that has been worked into shape by hand. It is left to dry in the sun for five days, naturally hardening before firing. Based in the city of George in South Africa, Wonki Ware has worked with over 100 local South Africans and provided them with skilled training in pottery.


Terracotta. Can be baked to any temperature but not put directly onto oven hot plate. Dishwasher safe.
Made in South Africa.
Each ceramic piece has been thrown or pressed and glazed by hand. Due to the handmade nature, there may be pleasing variations and irregularities in colour, size and shape.
Approx. L 27.5cm x W 23cm x H 5cm.

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Wonki Ware | The Story Behind The Pottery

“We are very authentic about our processes at Wonki Ware, from the very beginning to end. We teach traditional pottery techniques, and work with clay that has been dug out of the ground. Everything is done by hand - creating a result that I believe can never be replaced by machines. Most of our pieces are created using a slab-rolling process, which is easy to teach and doesn't have to be perfect to look brilliant. The process of working with clay can be really revealing, it tells you a lot about each of the artisans, how they are as people and the subtleties to their characters.”

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