Long gone are the weekendsof lying in bed untillate, those lazy Sunday mornings reading the paper propped up against the pillows. These days, I am woken early by the dulcet cryof my two year old, Dottie, shouting, "Mummy wake up!" My dreams vanishing as she persists with her morning alarm call.If I had my way, every so often, it would return to how it used to be and I would have my quiet morning. A morning like this...

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The chance to enjoy a cup of peppermint tea, peacefully, slowly, without being serenaded by a song as I drink it.

Freshly squeezed orange juice,with its fresh, sweet tang

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Home-made breakfast muffins, full of all the good stuff; nuts and seeds, fruit and maybe even some vegetables

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Then cosying down, back into bed, to enjoy it all.

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But in reality, I know that I won't have my quiet morning Because whenever I leave my bed I often return to find the above my eldest, Elvia, nestled amongst the pillows, with her head buried in a book.

And where the big one goes, the little one usually follows.

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My quiet mornings might be few and far between, but I can't complain, nothing compares to sweet moments with these two.

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