TOAST Circle

Fostering longevity, celebrating the art of repair and connecting with our community over treasured pieces

We are guided by timeless design, creating long-lasting pieces from quality materials with a richness of texture. We value the time and the people behind each of our garments and continuously explore resourceful ways to keep our garments in use for longer.

Our circular initiatives include TOAST Renewed, our collection of creatively repaired pieces.

We continue to explore ways to further reduce our waste and have partnered with Traid, a UK charity working towards reducing the social and environmental impact of our clothes. TOAST items that we are not able to repurpose through our Circle initiatives will be donated to Traid for them to responsibly reuse, giving them the necessary funds to improve working practices in the textile industry. Drawing on Traid’s expertise, we can ensure more items will be resold, reused or repurposed, further reducing our environmental and social impact.

TOAST Renewed

Our collection of one-of-a-kind, creatively repaired pieces. Each item has been thoughtfully mended to give it a new lease of life. From sashiko repaired workwear garments to darned knitwear and intricately embroidered dresses.

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Our Partnership with TRAID

Since its registration as a UK charity in 1999, TRAID’s vision has been to raise funds to fight global poverty by collecting unwanted clothes to reuse and resell. To date, they have committed over £3 million to projects improving social and environmental conditions in the textile industry, an issue deeply important to us at TOAST. Their work has impacted the lives of many: improving the working conditions for over 650,000 garment workers; removing children from bonded and forced labour; supporting cotton farmers to reduce and eliminate pesticide use; establishing co-operative textile businesses; and developing eco-friendly textile production processes.

Through the donation of garments, we will contribute to TRAID’s long-term programme with educational foundation Read, an NGO supporting communities in Tamil Nadu, South India. By taking our unsaleable items and repurposing them, TRAID can turn them into funds to support garment workers and their families. The Tamil Nadu initiative focuses on improving the numeracy and literacy skills of young women. It gives them access to tailoring training that helps them to secure jobs, with a year-long qualification, which is the equivalent of an A-Level in the UK.

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Social Conscience

We are keenly aware of our impact on people and the planet. Through our impact areas we strive to enrich and educate, cherish our materials and minimise our waste.

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