As part of the TOAST Creative Residency, themed around The Unknown Path, we will be exhibiting several large works by the artist Sue Lawty. The exhibition will run from Saturday 4th May to Monday 6th May. The exhibition is open to all. Sue Lawty will be at the studios on Saturday.

Sue Lawty's work explores ideas of individuality and universality a single thread within a piece of cloth or a single stone on a beach formed from millions of stones. In doing so she invites the viewer to notice the subtlest of nuances present in our world.

Lawty is a keen fell runner and has travelled extensively, experiencing the arid vastness of the Tibetan Plateau, the acrid smells of the earth in Iceland and the ancient red rock of Australia. Her work is rooted in these journeys and in her emotional and physical engagement with the land. Her process of creating is slow, meditative and meticulous.

Lawty undertook an artist residency at the Victoria and Albert Museum and was awarded the prestigious Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship. Her work is in multiple collections throughout the UK and has been exhibited internationally.

In 10,000 Stones' the tiny fragments of rock are from a small cove on the west coast of South Island, New Zealand. Each speck of stone bears witness to the vastness of geological time. Time so immense it renders us, humankind, the real speck. The original rock would have been formed, then subsequently broken down and eroded over millions of years. Each resultant gravelly mark has been rumbled and rolled, tossed and turned, pounded and shoved relentlessly in and out on tides twice a day, every day for years ... until now... halted on the verge of becoming sand once again. Sue Lawty

Cancellatum' is a response piece to '10,000 Stones'. I chose to reverse the drawing of the grid pattern and further explore imperceptible change and understated restraint. Cancellatum is a Latin word, meaning lattice/trellis-like or reticulated.

"Lead can be heavy, soft, pliable, malleable, weavable and beatable. In this 2m sq. work, titled Call & Response: Lead & Stone', the repetitive rhythm and tensions of the act of weaving and wrapping result in a kind of written handmark. Sue Lawty

Lawty's work will be shown at the TOAST Creative Residency in the Paper Mill Studios in London from Saturday 4th May to Monday 6th May. All our welcome to drop in.

You can follow Lawty's journey on her new instagram account.

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