For our most recent Styling Conversations, we share a considered curation of key pieces from our new collection.

Sharing a mix of patterned pieces and updated workwear from the July range, our Head of Wholesale, Helen Page discusses how best to wear and layer each look. Demonstrating a considered approach to colour and texture and using a range of garments from the collection, the outfits presented are versatile, working to a range of proportions and silhouettes.

From bright florals and bold pops of colour, to muted and earthy shades, our latest Styling Conversations provides interactive guidance and tips, giving you the confidence to invent unique, comfortable and creative combinations for everyday wear.

Join Helen as she talks through each outfit with Jenny Gabbidon and Jael Monteiro from our London, Notting Hill shop, alongside Pattern Cutter, Martina Salvi and Product Development Manager, Jane Hardy.

Helen is 5’7 and wears size 8/S
Jenny is 5’8 and wears size 12/14/M
Jael is 5’2 and wears size 8/S
Martina 5’9 is and wears size 8/S
Jane is 5’5 and wears size 10/S

Find all of the outfits from our virtual Styling Conversations on our Curated Edit Page.

Image by Máté Moro.

Film by Thomas Wootton.

Music by Leon Jean-Marie and Christin Rauter, from the Summer track of Slow Sound.

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A great idea Toast. A very helpful conversation with plenty of hints and tips on how to incorporate some of your pieces and I found the layering ideas inspirational.

Heather 2 years ago

love that you are showing clothes on real people – and all shapes, sizes and ages. As a petite person it’s refreshing to see Toast clothes suitable for shorter customers as generally they are huge and there’s limited choice for us. Agree with previous comment that it would be good if you would find out more about your Toast customers and what they want, sizing etc to make more inclusive. Perhaps a short survey is needed …..

T 2 years ago

Oh this has made my day!! A diverse group of women of all ages, shapes and sizes looking at peace with themselves and loving their ‘pieces’ (or outfit). Whilst your typical photo models are a joy, there are no wobbly bellies, low slung boobage or jiggly thighs to be seen. I am from the camp of wobbly,jiggly,low slung and rather beautiful in the right light. It’s liberating to see what your clothes look like both on the typical model beauties and on ‘real life beauties’.

Sam 2 years ago

Love seeing Jenny who is my size styling these pieces – even more models larger than size 8/10 in future would be great (as I am guessing your product shoot models are already the smaller sizes) so we can see how your clothing fits on larger frames.

Robyn 2 years ago

It might be a good idea to find out who is the average Toast customer and reflect this in your online images of clothes and women.

B 2 years ago

I found it helpful to see your clothes modelled on different sizes and ages of real women. I have many Toast dresses and other garments which I style in my own way as a function of weather and formality : with or without belts and necklaces. Pendant necklaces with silver thick chains look especially good against a plain cord dress to add some character. Only point I would make is that I’m more top heavy than pear shaped and have to size up so bust fits me comfortably. It would be useful in future styling films to show someone of medium height with my sort of body shape wearing Toast outfits. Keep up the good work

Antonia 2 years ago

I’ve been a Toast follower for years however I had hoped articles such as this may now be embracing other larger sizes Come on Toast you can do better we do exist it’s worth noting !

Merlyn 2 years ago

Please do more of the styling conversations. Great to see the clothes on models and the detail in the clothes. As I am only 5.3 more smaller models would be useful as we are not all blessed with height!!!The styling tips are also useful.

Susan 2 years ago

Great breakfast time viewing 😄 Full of ideas to replicate from my existing wardrobe. Also interesting to hear of the thought about how clothes are structured, not so obvious on the normal website images. Thank you .

Margaret 2 years ago

Thank you for these great little conversations. Not being able to visit the shop as I would normally do makes selecting new pieces a little harder. It’s really great to see the clothes on the staff and know what size and height they are, you get a much better idea of how the clothes look. I also like the styling tips.

Helen 2 years ago

I love that, as I get older, I can still be creative. Listening to women, from all ages, and backgrounds, create their own unique style with your beautiful textures and fabrics is wonderful.

Jacqueline 2 years ago

Between Seasons Styling Conversations is a fantastic idea. I am small, size 6 and 5’1". It gives me a good idea of how a garment might sit on my frame especially as you include an equally small model in your video. It will help me choose the correct items for my wardrobe. I will look forward to future updates in this respect.

Lynda 2 years ago

At last we see smaller women in Toast styles, something I’ve been asking for, for a long time. The variety of women too!

Gillian 2 years ago

I so enjoy your information and inspired stories. This resonates all the way to little New Zealand! Thank you

Venetia 3 years ago

Congratulations Toast! I am very pleased bro see this latest styling conversation. Jenny is approx my size and height and rather quirky like me. I look forward to purchasing from the new range

Julie 3 years ago