We recently launched a 6 week Pop-up in our Notting Hill shop with plant & lifestyle shop Botany. The Pop-up will be running until the 2nd May so please come by and explore the unusual cacti and plant life.

For succulent and cacti enthusiasts, Angela (owner of Botany) has put together her detailed care instructions below...


Succulents (including Cacti) should be kept in a light, airy position all the year round. A south-facing window is perfect for most types. However, there are some exceptions; Aloe, Gasteria, Haworthia will be quite happy in more shaded situations. Ideally a succulent plant should have sunlight falling on it for at least part of the day. Many would be quite happy with either morning or afternoon sun in an East or West window. If all you have is a north-facing window, which never gets any sun, try installing a plant light, or put your plants outdoors for the summer. A North-facing window would be suitable only for some Epiphytic cacti such as Christmas & Easter Cacti and Rhipsalis, and a limited selection of other succulents such as Aloe, Gasteria, Haworthia & Sansevieria. Even these plants would flower better under these conditions if they could have even a little summer holiday in the garden.


Average watering is usually every 7-10 days in the summertime. As a general rule most succulents need a thorough watering when they are completely dry and they don't like to be sat in water as the roots will rot. An overhead sprinkle can help to keep plants free from dust and healthier looking. However, avoid overhead sprinkling rosette type succulents as water can become trapped and cause rotting (e.g. Echeveria). Jungle cacti or epiphytes such as Orchid cacti or Christmas cacti should never be allowed to completely dry out.

In the winter, from October to March, most plants will need no water at all, unless kept at a high temperature (e.g. central heating) when a little water may be needed to prevent undue shrivelling (watering every 3-4 weeks should suffice). Rain water is always better than tap water if you have an option. Most succulents are tolerant of very high temperatures and full sunshine, but only if there is plenty of air circulation so they don't cook.


In the winter, most plants are happy if kept at above 40F (5C) if dry. Many such as Rebutia, Lobivia, Opuntia, Agave etc; will stand many degrees of frost if dry. There are a few exceptions of course, most epiphytes such as Orchid and Christmas cacti are happier at around 50F (10C ).

Read more about our collaboration with Botany here

Words by Angela at Botany. Photography by Kate Berry.

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