TOAST invited the textile artist Lucy Wayman to spend a week at the Inshriach bothy and to record, through her art, the physicality of the landscape. The resulting work is a tactile rope map of memories inspired by colour, shape and sound. Wayman's work will be showing at the TOAST Edinburgh shop in Stockbridge until the end of June. While she was staying in the bothy, Wayman kept a brief diary.

Saturday: Arrived at 4.30pm. Lit the stove immediately. Heated my homemade curry and made myself at home with a peppermint tea. Read my book.

Sunday: Woke early, got the fire going to heat water for a cuppa and wash. Put the potatoes in the oven to slowly bake through the day. Jotted down a couple of design ideas. Later in the morning, ventured into town for a celebratory breakfast and to pick up some food supplies. Headed back to the bothy to explore. Prepared the rope until the sun went down. Finished my book over dinner with a glass of wine. All by candlelight.

Monday: Woke late, fire going, porridge on and boiling water for dishes and a coffee. Spent the morning making, and getting to grips with the new rope. Then out for a three hour walk through the forest. Then back to the rope. Reading by candlelight once the sun went down.

Tuesday: Spent the morning writing and working on the piece, followed by a walk along the river in Aviemore. Picked up milk and a guide on the munros.

Wednesday: Stove on, hot cross bun warming and water boiling for coffee. Walked to the farm for what turned out to be an exhilarating shower- hopefully will master the temperature next time! Walked round Loch an Eilein in the afternoon, before getting back to the ropes.

Thursday: Rose Early, walked round Loch Morlich. Back to the bothy in the afternoon for lunch and knotting.

Friday: Picked up my friend Connie from the bus station, she had a very eventful journey as the front wind screen was smashed by a pheasant. Raining and high winds stopped us going up a munro. Treated ourselves to lunch and cake in town and then back to the bothy to show her my home for the past week. Went for a walk through the forest as the sun was setting.

Saturday. Packed up and cleaned the bothy. Met Lucy from the farm as we were leaving and got a guided tour of the whole estate, breathtaking!

Lucy Wayman stayed in the Inshriach Bothy which is part of the Bothy Project - a network of small-scale, off-grid art residency spaces in distinct and diverse locations around Scotland.

Photography and words by Lucy Wayman. You can see Wayman's work at the TOAST Edinburgh shop.

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