A few weeks ago Toast help set the table once again for the bi-annual Kinfolk Gathering. A morning hosted by prop & floral stylist Krissy O'Shea and foodie Tassja Garner, exploring the concept of Slow-Living.

The relaxed four course brunch was prepared by chef Sam Hodges at Beehive Place - a recent addition to Brixton's vibrant food scene, specialising in mindfully grown and sourced ingredients from across the UK.

Image credit: Krissy O'Shea

Against the backdrop of one of the worlds largest cities,we explored what it means to slow-live'? Living and working in Londonmeans we are often immersed in a fast pace of life. Each day we are bombarded with many options and distractions. How do we find balance, can less be more?

Image credit:Corina Esquivel

Each of our four carefully considered courses was intercepted with a talk from guest speakers; writer Louisa Thomsen Brits, textile designer Katherine May and Beehive Place chef Sam Hodges. Each sharing their own very individual experiences of 'slow living' through mindful andintentionedapproaches to food, daily life, rituals and creativity.

Special thank you Tassja and Krissy O'Shea (pictured above in their Toast linen cross-over aprons) and photographerCorina Esquivel who gave her permission to use some of the pictures above. Photo credits as shown.

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