Young Mee Rim, student in Natural History Conservation at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts has collaborated with TOAST, inviting our instagram / twitter followers to share their findings from the land. Today, Young shares her insight on her favourite finds for her final week

Thank you to all of those who shared their insightful pictures from the land. Although the campaign has now come to end we hope that the hashtag #OfTheLand will live on.

NORTHERN FULMAR Entry from Olive B. Godlee@ovlie

Since this photo is from Iceland, I reckon this is a northern fulmar. Fulmars resemble seagulls a little, but they are easy to recognise by the salt gland on top of the beak, which you can see here. They are common in the sub-arctic region along the coasts and thus imbibing high amounts of salt water. The salt gland helps desalinate their bodies by excreting a saline solution. In addition to this, fulmars also produce a stomach oil that they can spray out of their mouths as a defence, or use as an energy rich food source for their chicks. Clever!

NATURE CROWN - Entry fromThe Tenedosian Muse @bozcaada.nisos

I picked this photo, because I love a different kind of nature crown. While I love floral ones (green and colourful) there is something special about this huge head piece. Against the sun it looks wonderfully majestic, like a beach queen.

HYDRANGEAS - Entry from Rowena @flojoro123

Some species of hydrangea change colour according to the pH-level of the soil, which I think is super interesting! For instance, an acidic soil will make one species turn mostly blue, whereas an alkaline soil will make the same species produce flowers more pink. My mother also taught me that you can cut the flowers off while they are still in bloom and colourful, then airdry them and they will keep their colour at that given moment! I have some beautiful dried bluish purple hydrangeas in my apartment thanks to her.

The entries to our campaign can be found under the hashtag #OfTheLand via instagram

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