Young Mee Rim, student in Natural History Conservation at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts has collaborated with TOAST, inviting our instagram / twitter followers to share their findings from the land. Today, Young shares her insight on her favourite finds for week 1...

BLUE TITS NEST - Entry from Layla Jean Kerley @laylakerley

Young's notes: In one of the first courses in my programme, we learnt that collecting wild eggs is a big no-no, as it has a much tougher impact on bird populations when you take away their chances of producing chicks. Eggs also played a big role back in the 1960's in determining the awful effects of DDT and other pesticides on the environment and wildlife. Pollution caused eggshells to become much thinner and therefore much more fragile and bird populations declined. With that said, I still think eggs are fascinating and very beautiful to look at.

ARRANGING POTATOES- Entry from Mrs Nomi @mrsnomi from North West England

Young's notes: I picked this arranged potato photo because I love it when parents involve their children in getting their hands dirty. Learning about where things, and especially food, comes from with hands-on experience is so important. I always loved picking things from our garden when I was young - eating fruit straight off the branches, picking berries or even pulling out carrots and munching on them straight after is a special experience.

SEA URCHIN FOSSIL - Entry by Julia @juliabesidetheseafrom South Coast of England

Young's notes: Lastly, the sea urchin - white on white. Such a beautiful photo. The shape of Urchin fossils is so inviting as the size sits perfectly in your hand, unlike the living ones with their spikes - the longest which can be up to 30cm!

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