James Seaton, Toast's co-founder and Creative Director has written words to photographs taken byNicholas James Seatonon our autumn/winter 2013 shoot in Canada.

Over the vast terrain's undulations, the roads run utterly straight. Thus a flash of sunlight on chrome glimpsed at the horizon will only manifest itself as a roaring 60mph truck some ten minutes later. If you had the time - and there's plenty of that out here - you could watch its progress as the road dips in and out of sight: its silent progress, the only sound coming from the lazy wind across the wheat stubble. Like watching a meteor or a satellite coursing the heavens. Only in the last few dozen seconds of its approach will its noise, its mass become apparent. It's a surprise. And then, in a flurry of dust it has passed, the noise quickly fading to silence - and once more there is just the wind, the land and oneself.

In all this vastness of land and sky, one finds oneself quickly thinking - I hope someone comes to fetch me before long. You could get thirsty out here. Hungry. You could be forgotten.

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