Louis Eliot has been playing guitar, singing, writing songs, since his years could be measured in single figures. He was shown his way around a guitar by the Hawkwind guitarist; kept on course as a teenager when, walking home after a gig for which he'd had to battle nerves, a familiar voice came from the shadows: 'nice singing, Lewis'. The voice was Joe Strummer's.

Through the 90s he fronted top-20 album band Rialto; played bass for Evan Dando; played guitar with Skye from Morcheeba. He now lives with his family in Cornwall, his native county, and leads Louis Eliot and the Embers - though occasionally taking to the road to play guitar for Grace Jones. If you think his surname might reveal a connection to the Port Eliot festival - you might be right.

Joe Strummer was right about his voice - a clear, light tenor with just a hint of fallen angel about it. On stage with the Embers he disappears into his songs - and the band fly. Their album is called Kittow's Moor, a blend of folk, country and rock'n'roll that can't help itself from rocking. We recommend it - our current music of choice, Friday evenings, to remind us that the weekend nights are for dancing. Listen to it, buy it at louiseliot.com or iTunes or all the usual suspects.

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