Young Mee Rim is a student in Natural History Conservation at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. She is a comber of beaches, mountains and woods her aim to discover small treasures whether they are odd fossils or unusual feathers. She has a large instagram following on which she showcases some of the things she finds- often held in her hand, atthe point of discovery. Below she has picked four items from her growing collection. A sea lily stem, a Eurasian magpie feather, a jar of tiny shells and a piece of wood.


My favourite find is actually from this summer. I found a fossilised crinoid - a sea lily stem - at Faxe Kalkbrud (a limestone quarry south of Copenhagen). We recently had a small paleontology course at school, where one of the tasks was to "save" a fossil from pyrite decay. Mine was a sea lily stem and in a very bad state. The pyrite (also known as fool's gold), an iron sulfide, had completely overtaken and surrounded the stem, sort of like a hotdog. Sadly it couldn't be saved, and it fell apart during treatment.


I have been a bit obsessed with the green metallic feathers on eurasian magpies. At school we have a rooftop terrace, where we usually eat lunch in the summer. There are a ton of magpies there and also around my house. I've been wanting to find one of those feathers so I'm always a bit on the lookout. Just last month I found one by my bike's front tire in the bike shed at home and it made me really happy!


My friends and family are helping out with my nature collections as well. I like to bring something home with me when I travel, and my friends are starting to bring little things back for me as gifts, which is the absolute best - much better than a postcard! Last year my best friend brought back a pocket full of tiny shells from the beaches of Greece where she had been on vacation. We didn't see each other much last summer because we were both very busy, so the fact that she had thought of me while away on holiday really meant a lot to me.

Another wonderful friend brought me back these amazing feathers and a piece of fantastic looking wood a couple of years ago. They are from western Jutland - probably my favourite place in all of Denmark. The piece of wood sits on a shelf of a book case I inherited from my late grandmother, and some of the small feathers are from the Eurasian Jay (the ones with the blue stripes). I made a case for my old iPhone using these feathers, along with some pressed flowers from my favourite park in Copenhagen.

Young's thoughts on working with TOAST...

Collecting things from the land is a concept very close to my heart and I'm so happy to be asked to do this with TOAST. I don't follow many brands on Instagram, but I don't feel like I am being advertised to when following theworld of TOAST and that appeals to me very much. Lately I am really admiring the simplicity of the linen coats - like the Late Summer Cobalt GreenCotton Linen Coat. I also really admire the TOAST shoes, but sadly they are not available for my tiny feet.

Over the next two to three weeks, we are inviting our TOAST instagram & twitter followers to share a picture of their own findings from the land. Each week Young Mee Rim will pick the most interesting discoveries for the Toast Travels blog and instagram feed, sharing her insight on each of your finds below. To find out more information please click here.

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