Cortona Ceramics

Based in Cortona, Tuscany, Ivo Angel creates ceramic tableware in collaboration with artisans from surrounding towns and villages using traditional techniques. Our Cortona collection is handmade exclusively for TOAST, designed by Giulio Lucarini and crafted from terracotta clay by a family-owned workshop in Deruta.

Cortona Splatter Oil Pourer

AUD 135.00
Size: One Size

Cortona oil porter designed in Tuscany by Cortonese artisan Giulio Lucarini for Ivo Angel, a company celebrating Italian tradition and based in the hillside Tuscan town of Cortona. Wheel-thrown from terracotta clay by a pottery in Deruta that has been passed down four generations, then decorated with slip and finished with a transparent glaze. Finished with a cork and stainless steel stopper handmade in Sardinia. Each varies slightly in shape and colour.


Hand wash. Terracotta.
Made in Italy.
Each ceramic piece has been thrown or pressed and glazed by hand. Due to the handmade nature, there may be pleasing variations and irregularities in colour, size and shape.
Approx. H 24cm x D 9cm. 500ml.

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Cortona Ceramics

A flying visit to a friend in Tuscany over ten years ago became a defining voyage for Canadian artist Jennifer Perez. Inspired by the charm of the people, the countryside and the colours, she moved there soon after. Through her company, Ivo Angel, she now collaborates with potters from Cortona and neighbouring Tuscan and Umbrian villages whose experience with clay stretches back years. 

“These artisans did not become artisans; they were born artisans,” Jennifer says. “They live and breathe their work as the tradition runs deep – in many cases, the skill has been passed down through generations.” 

Ivo Angel’s terracotta pieces for TOAST are traditionally crafted by Cortonese artisan Giulio Lucarini, who has been working with clay since he was 18 and describes it as his “natural calling.” They are finished with a hand-painted splatter effect, inspired by antique ceramics from the region.

Preserving Tuscan Ceramic Traditions