Lily Pearmain Ripple Mug

AUD 80.00
Size: One Size

Hand-thrown mug with an undulating, rippled glaze by Lily Pearmain, a self-taught potter based in south-east London. Shaped from a blend of British stoneware clays with an elegant low handle. Lily creates the pattern using a percussion brush, creating wavy lines in the slip layer, then finishes with a transparent glaze. Each varies slightly in shape, pattern and colour. The finger marks are visible at the base, indicating where it has been held while dipping in the glaze.


Hand wash. Stoneware.
Made in the United Kingdom.
Each ceramic piece has been thrown or pressed and glazed by hand. Due to the handmade nature, there may be pleasing variations and irregularities in colour, size and shape.
Approx. H 9cm x D 8cm. 300ml.

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