Renewed Stripe Backed Linen Quilt

AUD 670.00
Size: One Size

Light wear on the fabric of our linen quilt has been covered with cotton appliqué patches and running stitch embroidery.

Contrasting sides. Slubby linen and double-faced striped cotton. Grid quilting. Tactile puckers around stitching. Filled with two layers of cotton flannel.

This style is part of TOAST Renewed, a collection of creatively repaired pieces that have been given a new lease of life, for increased longevity. TOAST Renewed pieces are created from both damaged items from our shops and those returned by customers to our warehouse.


Front: 100% linen. Back: 100% linen. Filling: 100% cotton. Dry clean only.
Made in India.
225cm x 210cm.
As this piece has been repaired, extra care should be taken when cleaning. It is also best to avoid jewellery that may catch or snag.

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Creatively repaired pieces for increased longevity

Celebrating the beauty of imperfections, our TOAST Renewed collection extends our long-standing approach to cherishing materials and honouring the hands that make our pieces. Each one-of-a-kind piece prolongs the garment's use, giving you the option to make a less impactful, more considered choice for the planet.

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